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5 questions to ask your mover

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Or maybe you want to be very careful about entrusting your belongings to movers until you have thoroughly checked them. Whatever your situation, you’re probably wondering what questions to ask your moving company before hiring them. To help you make the right choice, here are 5 questions to ask your mover .

What types of moving services do you offer?

Not all movers are equal. And the services and experience each offers can be very different. Make sure that any moving company you are about to hire has precisely the services you need.

Are you reputable and do you have a moving license?

Unfortunately, the industry tends to attract its fair share of dishonest people, as well as reputable movers. To weed out bad moving companies, investigate the credentials of the moving company.

See how past customers rate them online. Don’t just read the reviews on the movers’ website; check sources like Google or Yelp. Also ask for local references you can talk to in person.

Don’t forget to check that the company has the necessary permits, and find out how long the moving company has been in business. If they’ve been around for many years, they’re much less likely to leave you on the sidelines with your belongings.

How much will my move cost?

Avoid bad surprises by asking for a written and detailed quote, and sign a contract. Clarify how this figure is calculated: is it based on hours, number of movers, weight or other factors? Local moves are often priced using different calculations than long distance moves; make sure these are clear.

And beware of movers who offer quotes over the phone, at a glance. You want a qualified moving consultant to review all items to be moved, in-home or virtually, and provide you with an accurate estimate. Any conditions that could affect the final cost (such as a last minute change in the number of items) must be specified.

Are your movers professional and experienced?

Moving to a new home safely is an art. It requires dedication, training and experience, as well as a well-thought-out corporate security policy. Team members must be background checked and fully trained in the efficient and safe handling of furniture and other objects. Ideally, new hires should partner with seasoned employees for additional on-the-job training.

What happens if something breaks during my move?

Never hire a moving company that does not offer insurance coverage for your valuables, as well as liability insurance. And clarify what these assurances entail.

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