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What Makes CenturyPly the Best Quality Plywood for Washrooms?

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CenturyPly is India’s most trusted brand when it comes to providing the best plywood, the first name that comes to mind is CenturyPly. For years it has been the top supplier of manufactured plywood with a staggering one-fourth of the total market share in India, making it the biggest entity to supply plywood.

It has a wide range of products ranging from plywood to PVC sheets. The company has been in the market for ages and hence, over time it has accumulated to the best of its knowledge to ensure a quality product is being manufactured at its production facility. One such product that they have mastered is plywood for washrooms.

CenturyPly is the Industry Leader

CenturyPly is the industry leader when it comes to manufacturing the best quality plywood. There are essentially three main plywood for the bathroom, namely Moisture resistant (MR), Boiling water Resistant (BWR), and Boiling Water Proof (BRP) also called Marine Ply. CenturyPly offers all these three main types of plywood for your various bathroom needs. Each type of plywood is made to serve various purposes.

Where the Moisture resistant and Boiling water-resistant ply is not recommended for bathroom furniture, Boiling waterproof ply is the ideal choice that guarantees evergreen quality service for several years. When it comes to manufacturing the BWPs, no one is better than the CenturyPly. Their product ‘Sainik 710’ is the most effective plywood there is in the market. The 710 grades in plywood are used for BWPs.

BWPs are also called Gurjan ply or marine ply. When it comes to toughness, resilience, and waterproofing it is the best among the three. It is denser and has far more nail-holding capacity. Additionally, this plywood is extensively used in toilets and bathrooms. Ideally, They should be used for every piece of furniture possible, but due to their expensive price, their use is limited to bathrooms.

Sainik 710 is the most trusted product in the BWP range as it is produced using a special kind of hardwood found in tropical areas. The Sainik 710 uses an adhesive called undiluted phenol-formaldehyde to stick its ply to give it boiling waterproof properties. Furthermore, their plies are coated with anti-termite chemicals to add further protection from insects and other marine organisms.

Premium Quality Products

The product is manufactured with utmost care ensuring that there are no pores in the sheets. Moreover, the glue used to paste the ply is of the best quality. CenturyPly is the best plywood manufactureras they ensure that every other ply is glued tight leaving no gaps between them. This process makes it denser and sturdier. The only downside is that it gets heavier from all the coating and reinforcements.

CenturyPly has always practiced the habit of delivering what they have promised. They have always strived to deliver beyond customer expectations. Their products are always put under rigorous quality inspections. They have always ensured that the weight and the thickness are uniform across the specific range.

If your budget allows you to push even further, then you can go for the premium quality CenturyPly Club Prime plywood. The Bureau of Indian Standards, has 25 quality assessments and it is the only plywood that passes all the 25 tests, which makes it the most superior sheet there is in the Indian market space. The Club Prime Plywood is made using revolutionary technology which makes it the multipurpose all-round plywood for all your bathroom needs.

The Club Prime Plywoods are manufactured using ViroKill technology which makes the surface of the plywood germ and bacteria-free. The Virokill technology instantly kills any sort of microorganism that lands on the surface of the plywood. This ensures that the furniture made from Club Prime does not spread any viruses, bacteria, or fungi and maintains a hygienic and safe environment to live in.

Final Overview

CenturyPly has a wide range of products, apt for your different bathroom needs. Their products are reliable, safe, and long-lasting. The company ensures that its products are incorporated with the latest technologies and are always on the hunt to create the best product there is in the market. CenturyPly believes that bathrooms deserve all the attention to detail.

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