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The landscaping will have no more secrets for you!

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Our ideas for the landscaping of your home, whether it’s decorating ideas, plantings or small evolutions, will transform your garden into a place you will love.

Whether you’re looking for landscaping advice because you’re planning a complete makeover or just want a quick makeover, the key to a successful garden is a mix of original and innovative tips.

Start with the architecture of your property and the region and take inspiration from it. It’s a great starting point. But in the end, it’s your vision and your desires that count.

Carry out your landscaping and plantings by following the proven garden design rules that we detail below. Then add your own twist to give your space a differentiator.

How to arrange an outdoor space such as a backyard?

When it comes to choosing backyard ideas for your outdoor space, know that there are a number of factors to consider; like your personal tastes, the location and of course the budget you have:

Consider adding custom seating in materials such as stone, brick, or wood; specially designed to fit into your space. You can even consider materials like aluminium and steel from your local metal or aluminium suppliers

While the same design principles can be applied to all types of gardens, regardless of shape or size, ultimately each one will be exclusive to the tastes and requirements of its owner; as well as the unique location of the land.

How to design an outdoor space like a backyard

Two small gardens, side by side, oriented in the same direction, will be markedly different due to the wishes of their owners. This individuality makes the design of the garden much more interesting.

If you’re looking for inspiration, here are some of our favorite ideas for transforming your garden.

How to successfully landscaping by creating zones?

Consider creating an outdoor kitchen and dining area for impromptu entertaining and barbecues. Also consider a separate garden seating area.

Adding a hidden bench where you can enjoy your morning coffee or a quick drink at the end of the day can be another way to create more interest in the garden. Ideally, it should be revealed as a surprise that cannot be seen from home. Covered patio ideas work well in this regard.

How to successfully landscaping by creating zones

To create distinct zones, it is important to use climbing plants and plants that act as veils to divide spaces rather than solid walls that cannot be crossed. It makes the space more dynamic without making it seem smaller.

How to make an original landscaping?

Backyard gardens are a great way to tap into the indoor-outdoor lifestyle trend; where the garden is considered an extension of the house.

A successful small space always requires careful thought and the inclusion of all the elements that make the interaction between house and garden possible. Choose hard surfaces for entertainment and relaxation. Also, add a surprise design element, like geometric tiles.

How to make an original landscaping

Ensuring your design is original will give it longevity and make it attractive for as much of the year as possible. Put the foundations of the project in place and the plantings will shine.

Create a visual link between your garden and the interior of your home

Take a small item such as a landscaping material and use it to create synchronization between the house and the garden. The low-profile, hand-laid clay pavers in this garden create a soft, natural look that works well in both contemporary and traditional projects.

The clay pavers used for the house extension were repeated on the garden path in the same assembly format. This creates a visual link between the house and the garden. The staggered laying pattern creates pockets for planting to fill in and soften the landscaping .

And why not integrated seats on the terrace with different materials!

If space permits, it’s a good idea to incorporate several different seating areas when beginning the landscaping to add interest. This may include choices for eating and relaxing; as well as the introduction of a little unexpected like the use of Adirondack chairs in a secluded corner.

Consider adding custom seating in materials such as stone, brick, or wood; specially designed to fit into your space. You can then add stylish seat cushions that complement your overall outdoor layout.

Create a visual link between your garden and the interior of your home

Consider incorporating a lift-up model to create storage space for cushions when not in use. Freestanding benches are also a great choice when you need extra seating. Otherwise, many models of garden furniture are commercially available.

Add a pergola to your landscaping

Think vertically to utilize the space above your garden. A pergola-like structure will add an eye-catching architectural element.

Offering the privacy and shelter of the garden, this landscaping will add a new dimension to the entertaining possibilities in your garden; providing a space that can be used whatever the weather.

Add a pergola for more privacy

When the air is cold, just add an outdoor rug, fire pit or heater to maximize your time outdoors. This outdoor seating area is welcoming and secluded thanks to the privacy created by the overhead structure; and it’s an easy-to-reproduce decorative style.

Show off your outdoor landscaping with the right lighting

Understated garden lighting ideas add charm to the evening garden and create an inviting ambiance. It brings another dimension to an outdoor space, making the garden usable all year round.

The plants, the vegetation, take on architectural qualities when they are lit; adding a very different dramatic quality to that of the day.

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