Plumber: how to choose the right one for repairs or work

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What are the skills of the plumber?

The plumber carries out repairs or installations on the networks that carry fluids (water, gas, air) into your home. That is to say that he carries out repairs on your sanitary or heating installations .

How to find the right plumber?

By word of mouth, the recommendation is the best way to know if the plumber is doing a good job. However, make sure that the good quality repair you are being told about is recent. Indeed, in the case of companies with many employees, it is possible that the work carried out is uneven from one period to another. This question does not arise if it is about a craftsman because this one engages his personal notoriety on the interventions.

By internet: do a search for an area near you. Select a few craftsmen and call directly. This method will allow you to get an idea via the quality of the contact obtained. It will be faster than relying on sites that offer you several quotes from professionals, these are generally contact dealers and not information centres.

Also check that your plumber has the necessary certifications, such as Professional Gas for gas installations. An RGE-certified craftsman (recognized guarantor of the environment) will allow you to benefit from the tax credit and will have all the skills to intervene on your renewable energy installations. He must also have ten-year insurance for his activity. These few checks assure you of an intervention that complies with safety standards.

What is the right price for your plumbing work?

If you need emergency repairs (leak, clogged drain, etc.), you can ask for the cost of repairs over the phone. Even if it is difficult to give an exact price on a simple call, your plumber can give you a price range. Indeed without being on site it is difficult to estimate the importance of the problem. That’s why it’s best to be as specific as possible when contacting your plumber. For repairs, choose a craftsman close to your home in order to limit travel costs.

As part of the work, your plumber will provide you with a free and detailed estimate with the cost of labor and the products installed. The right price is the fairest one and must be in line with your requirements, too low a price can hide missing elements or lower quality products. A craftsman will always offer you quality brand products. He engages his responsibility for the installation and he realizes this one with professional products which are therefore of quality and price superior to those practiced in DIY supermarkets. But it is also the price of your peace of mind! It is always unpleasant to see a faucet that has a leak after a few months…So anticipate problems and call a professional right away.

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